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Aging like a Champion
This is how I’d like to become old

If there is one certainty in life, it’ll be that we all grow older. No one ever has defeated Father Time yet. In the end, it’s the quality of life that really matters, as we see the years go by! What is it you could do, to grow old with grace and the best possible quality? How can you keep your energy level as high as possible throughout the rest of your life? And how do you become the captain of you own ship?

Everything comes down, eventually, to making good choices. Because choices determine the quality of your own life. Mindset, nutrition and exercise play a huge part. Our hope is to help you invest in yourself so that you can achieve a marvelous, prolonged and healthy third life.

Food, health & our planet
Be conscious about what you eat and the connection with Mother Earth

A fully plant-based diet is more than just a simple diet. It’s a lifestyle. But why would you choose to do this? What are the benefits? And are there any alternatives?
In this video we present three argument groups (health improvement, our planet and cruelty), (all equally valuable with regards to our eating habits and their widespread impact): the impressive amount of cruelty implicated just to produce a single slice of meat ending up at our plates; the astounding evidence of health benefits of an all-plants based diet; and, last but certainly not least, the benefits of Plant Based on our planet, eliminating as much animal products in our food consumption as we can.

Regaining your health
The natural way of healing the body, mind and emotions

Your body, mind and emotions all interact. If one of these gets out of balance, it is just a matter of time before the other two will get affected as well. It makes sense to challenge and train all systems regularly, while respecting and charting your limitations as you grow older.
How do you live a fulfilling life and, at the same time, make optimal use of your own natural healing capabilities? What’s the foundation of natural healing, mentally and physically? How do you recognize your own limitations? And how do you put this knowledge into practice?

What is Chronical Pain?
How do you recognize, heal and prevent this?

As you get older, pain in its different forms may not be much of a stranger anymore. Chronical (physical) pain is a syndrome that may start in a specific region in the body, but can slowly expand to other regions of the body. Suffering from chronical pain could hinder a vital, energetic and healthy third chapter of life!
The good news however, is that chronical pain (most of the time) can be reversed and changed into healing.
What is chronical pain exactly? What is chronical pain connected to? What does chronical pain do to your mental and emotional state of mind? And what are causes of chronical pain?

Chronic Pain and Fatigue