The Mendel Foundation is a Not-for-Profit organization. In Holland, a Not-for-Profit must, morally and certainly also for federal tax purposes, fulfill certain strict conditions (which we meet with ease):

      • What we do must, without limitations, be of value to the majority of the citizens.
      • There can be no financial profits.
      • The organization must be highly transparent, (financially, in its goals and tasks, activities, proceeds).


Provided these conditions are met, a Dutch Not-for-Profit doesn’t pay income taxes: all donations, legacies and sponsor money is entirely available for the charitable goals. Proceedings from billable activities are exempt till a maximum of € 32.000,00 per year.

Our year report 2013 is freely available, obviously, including our financial year report

Our year report 2013:  Click Here.

Our financial year report, 2013: Click Here.

Our year plan for 2014 is, just as obviously and just as freely, available as well, including the financial planning.

Our year plan for 2014: Click Here.

Our financial year planning 2014: Click Here.

Our year documents are freely available, obviously

Since this is a Dutch policy and obligation, we take the liberty to only publish them in the Dutch language, at least so-far.

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