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 Anyone deserves the opportunity to construct their own Blissed Health if they so desire; Let’s make it our business to offer this in an executable way

“¿HealthDance?” The purpose of this invitation (and its website)

1.    To expose our vision: Anyone can learn to prevent, improve, or even reverse their health problems: to learn to take matters into their own hands and hardly ever again have to put them in the hands of others?We see way too many sick people, not functioning optimally. All those people could be so much happier and so much more productive!And: 80% of the entire healthcare industry might become redundant!

2.    To invite partners to collaborate in the development of an innovative health system (entrepreneurs, disruptors, nonconformists; used to having their own opinion; team players. With the conviction that the benefits in terms of health improvement are, for the moment, much more interesting than the monetary results).
To make it our business to offer this in an executable way, takes teamwork: together we develop the work environment (lively; intense; by results), the steps to follow (the what and how), the orchestra (the instrumentalists, the director, the administration, the place): a dance!

Invitation by Armand C. Hagedoorn, MD, senior physiatrist
Dr. Hagedoorn is a M.D. with the specialty of rehabilitation; throughout his entire 35-year international career, he worked with interdisciplinary teams and thousands of patients with very complex ailments. We now know that up to 80% of limiting conditions can be avoided! With a system of exploration, making patients knowledgeable “owners” of their health and wellbeing, and then a cumulative series of actions taken, progressively, by themselves.
Dr Hagedoorn is supposed to have retired from his career as a medical specialist (it has been quite an energetic, productive and unconventional journey indeed), but …he still can’t and won’t let his vision (developed out of all his personal and professional experience) go to waste: so much energy and entrepreneurial spirit, so much to share, so much good to do; and so much available experience (medical, social, “alternative”; tri-cultural experience and sensitivity); so many “live” contacts (often worldwide). It is time to combine all that interdisciplinary medical expertise with the promise of prevention – and make it available it to anyone who desires it!

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 You are Invited to collaborate in the development of an innovative health system,
based on Hagedoorn’s “(Mendel) HealthAge” proposal:

Here’s a teaser: the essentials of (Mendel) HeathAge, for your inspiration.

“Top-Class level”:·

  • Wide-spectrum preventive exam (“Body, Spirit and Mind”: physical, psychological and social; meaning, spiritual; nutrition; Mother Earth);·
  •  Restoration and optimization of best possible, optimal health (p.m. specialized medico-gerontological rehabilitation (sec preventive, pre / postoperative, recovery after trauma, interventions, debilitating conditions; chronic pain, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis); and·
  • Sec preventive training and behavior modification (smoking, overweight, inactivity, alcohol / substances, mood disorders) (individual, groups; Bliss Camps and Bliss Weekends); and·
  •  Maximize “resilience” and vitality, personal safety; minimize age-related vulnerability and dependence;·
  • Ample availability of conventional and not-so conventional support, treatment and coaching.·
    From the very beginning, (in our organization and our products) real “top quality” (through pragmatic measurement and publication)

Does it have to be structured after the Mendel HealthAge proposal?
Nope! Not necessarily limited to Third Age, nor to the HealthAge proposal; not even to professionals of one specific sector. This is exactly why we don’t go into too much detail here.

All proposals, inspired by this vision, will be most welcome and will be taken into consideration!

How (who’s bringing what to the table)
Hagedoorn makes available: the structure of the proposed health system, a lot of content (the practical “how”) and the selection and training of team members;prospective partners help (in an interdisciplinary effort) to develop and start “the business”.

Where in the World
Wherever! That is, wherever Spanish, English or Dutch is spoken. (Hagedoorn has a vast knowledge of the medical practice and market in the Netherlands, the U.S. and Mexico and he speaks all three languages fluently).

(a limited timeframe for this proposal)This invitation extends to halfway 2021 …

Whom are we looking for
Partners, entrepreneurs, visionaries (not necessarily of the medical field); and/or counselors, mediators; to,as a team, give pragmatic form to our “Moonshot Vision”; andexperts, who will implement it all in real life (e.g., pragmatic and seasoned experts in behavior modification) (one of the most successful organizations in behavior modification is, worldwide, Alcoholics Anonymous)

Essential traits
1.    “We can really do so much better” (than “business as usual”)
2.    Interdisciplinary; holistic; transnational and cross-cultural
3.    Proactive, fearless (but not reckless), optimistic, “unstoppable”; eager to learn, to take advantage of any mistakes in order to learn and grow
4.    Fun and humor, companionship, respect; solidarity and support when the going gets tough, consciously celebrating when things are going well
5.    Motivated by results (clients, company, employees) (we measure and publish them); the money will follow accordingly
6.    We outdo (but won’t be guided- or limited by) all official regulations (at the level of “best boy in class”).

To3 Health!

(Users’, Yours, Ours)

Armand C. Hagedoorn, physiatrist
Founder, medical director
the Mendel Foundation, Mendel Concentus
Heezerweg 28, 5731 PT Mierlo, Netherlands
Netherlands: *31 6 2259 8377
Mexico: *51 (1) 777 184 2338